I may be an ace, but you guys are heroes.

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Special Thanks

Megan, for gifting me the very cute and pure Asahi rubber strap that pretty much kicked me into finally applying for Asahi's fanlisting. How could I deny such a lovely request and say no to that rubber face?! IMPOSSIBLE, I SAY. She also cheered me on and sent me TONS of Asahi images to work with! Not to mention I was also inspired to start the series after reading her cute tweets about it, haha. Basically, this site wouldn't be here without her!

I'd also like to thank Aku for making me interested in the series in the first place! If not for Champion and the constant exposure to Haikyuu!! decks and pretty cards (exposure effect?!), I wouldn't have felt as driven to start the series as I did. She cheered me on while I was struggling with this layout, too, which I appreciate so much!

Many thanks to Delphine, Elysa, Jordan, Larissa and Lethe as well for feeding my love for Haikyuu!! by either screaming with me, throwing links at me or providing me with scans and soundtrack songs to love all over.

You're all HIGH QUALITY. Thank you all so much!


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